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Sicilian grape variety of great importance, with a pale yellow color with greenish hues, has an intense distinctly tropical aroma. The palate is very fresh, pleasant, soft and harmonious. It is recommended with fish dishes, carpaccio, appetizers, and typical Sicilian fries.





Serving Temperature: 50-54* F


Alcohol: 13,5%

Production area: Monreale (Pa)

Varietal: Grillo 100%

Installation: 2000/2008

Altitude: from 330 up to 350 m a.s.l.

Type of soil: calcareous layers and mixed clay

Yeld per hectare: 100/120 Ql.

Cultivation: espallier at a density of 3700 vines per hectare

Trimming: guyot

Grape harvest: first days of september

Vinification: 15/18 days at a controlled temperature , fermentation

in stainless steel containers.




Scarica schede