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The Guastella Company was founded in 2003 , taking the name from the district in which the vineyards are located. It is run by the brothers D'Arrigo, Gioacchino and Santo, hard workers of the earth for the growing of their company.

They were so “close” to their lands that decided to promote in the wolrd world only the brand " Guastella", rather than the ancient logo of the family  and company D'Arrigo.

The original company, now three generations old, was founded by his grandfather Gioacchino D'Arrigo who, cattle rancher, at the time very profitable business, decided to devote himself to the cultivation of land and, after selling one of his animals, in 1940 bought his first acre of land in the district called Guastella.

Here he began to plant, on a rent land, the first vineyard .

However, given the time of deep economic crisis, the seventeen year old son Leonardo in 1955 he decided to go to USA and, despite the many difficulties, there landed and began to work .